Project Brightlight

What if…?

We had a community that was truly “Connected”? …where churches and Faith-based organizations had a way to share information and work together to help those in need?…where we could show the love of Christ to the very least of these. We had a Community that utilized technology to more efficiently match available assets and resources with those who needed those resources?

What if we could build that in Hall County?
Introducing: Project Brightlight
Project Bright Light is a vision to develop and implement processes, software tools and technology to facilitate better coordination among churches, faith-based organizations and government services to more efficiently meet the demands of those in need within the community.

Initiated by a small group of highly motivated volunteers, the Project is currently in the Design Phase.  The concept is to create a network of agencies that work together and share information to more efficiently utilize resources to help individuals or families that require assistance. Every participating organization can serve as a “Portal” to gather the preliminary information about an individual or family in need. If that organization cannot solve the need, the request is placed on the network for other organizations or agencies to assist.

One of the key pieces of the network will be the launch of the website: GoHelpUS (  This web-site will have key information about the different businesses, organizations, and agencies available for assistance and promote activities and events occurring in the community to help those in need.

Part of the Fund Raising is through donations or the sale of books which are provided below.  For more information send an email to or contact Tom McAllister at 404-314-4046.